Solid Orals

Automatic and semi-automatic solutions complete our machines to guarantee loading precision and ensure customer satisfaction.

Solid Orals

What do we offer?
Since 1980, O.M.A.R. s.r.l. has been specialising in the design and manufacturing of machines for the blister-packaging of solid and oral products and dedicated applications developed according to customer specifications.
Through its diverse range, O.M.A.R. s.r.l. offers its customers a selection of models built in the most recent versions to be used for the packaging of solid oral forms. The product loading areas can be configured with all the most advanced vision control system supplied by O.M.A.R.’s partners (such as Scanware, Laetus, Lixis, HPF). For years now, O.M.A.R. s.r.l. has been offering and developing automatic loading systems with pre-loading, vibrating top, escapement or release loading tracks, “FULL BOX” universal systems for tablets and candies with rotating satellites, in-line suction systems and end-of-line scrap. During the packaging phases, these systems guarantee extremely high performance level, in order to provide the customer with: SPEED, QUALITY and RELIABILITY. Integrated systems are available at the end of the line for discarding non-conforming blisters as well as pick-and-place stations to integrate the customers’ packaging line. The Customer can verify, modify and follow directly the implementation phases in our assembly department. ALL O.M.A.R. machines are designed, built and assembled in ITALY.

Type of Machinery
Blistering machines for R&D Centre, Automatic blistering machines for small production batches.

Materials used during the packaging phases:

The “Made in ITALY”
During the production phases, the Customer can visit us in order to see directly the implementation activities in our assembly department.
ALL O.M.A.R. machines are designed, built and assembled in ITALY.