S40 De-blistering machines line


The S40 format manual blistering machine is equipped with rapid format change systems. Thanks to a small shuttle dedicated to the positioning of the moulds one or more blisters can be inserted with maximum dimensions of 125×95 mm. The loading of the blisters is done manually and the format change is done extremelly fast and in a easy way. A mechanical pressure multiplier able to reach approximately 400 kg of pressure is positioned on the upper part of the machine. By means of a mechanical lever, it compresses the pockets, extracts the product and causes it to fall inside a tray located under the workstation.
Built entirely with aluminium, steel and stainless steel, the S40 is positioned on the market as the smallest and most economical non-universal “format” blistering machine.

1)Manual format blister machine
2)Up to 2 blisters per stroke with dimensions 90 × 70 mm
3)Dedicated formats
4)Pressure with manual mechanical system
5)Possibility to customize moulds
6)Product recovery tray made of polycarbonate – stainless steel

1) Production 6 bpm (blisters per minute)


Machine layout:

440mm x 670mm (height) 15kg

Consumptions and Technical Specifications:

not available